Strategy and governance



What does it mean ?

It is about aligning a company’s strategy with its governance, in order to make it more effective, and to make it a competitive advantage.

Strategy, governance & yourself

Who is concerned ?

  • Any company, from SME to ETI
  • Whatever the number of employees
  • Whatever the turnover
  • Whatever the sector of activity

We audit your governance with regard to your 2, 5 or 10 year strategy and make concrete proposals for development. In substance, our actions :

  • Audit of the composition of the governance body and the rules of governance
  • Participation in your boards of directors as an external advisor or independent director
  • Identification of governance problems and formulation of an action plan
  • Issuance of recommendations on the profile of directors and the composition of the governance body
  • Establishment of a governance charter to improve strategic thinking
  • Establishment of ethical charters, codes of conduct, etc.
  • Possible implementation of a self-assessment of the governance body¬†


What does it mean?