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  • 1er janvier 2024


    TROIS (point) QUATORZE is once again renewing its contractual support for Laboratoire AGUETTANT's legal team for the year 2024, in the capacity of legal ops lawyer.

  • 31 décembre 2023


    TROIS (point) QUATORZE assisted VROOMLY with its compliance with commercial law and the updating of its CGU-CGV with its customers and users.

  • 30 décembre 2023


    TROIS (point) QUATORZE assisted VETOPHAGE in negotiating its partnership with PHAXIAM

  • 29 décembre 2023


    TROIS (point) QUATORZE and BACON & EGGS carried out a mission for VICAT at the end of the year under the SPEAKING LAW label, created by them to democratize legal design within legal teams: this was an opportunity for the legal team to reflect on its positioning as a business partner

  • 28 décembre 2023


    After a blank audit of its RGPD compliance last year, TROIS (point) QUATORZE now regularly advises PENNYLANE on aspects related to personal data in the context of its activity

  • 27 décembre 2023


    For several months now, TROIS (point) QUATORZE has been advising OCEA SMART BUILDING on aspects related to personal data in the context of its business.

  • 26 décembre 2023


    TROIS (point) QUATORZE renews for 2024 its partnership with COSMO TECH, enabling it to assist operational teams in their negotiations with customers, a partnership which is celebrating its 9th anniversary.

  • 23 décembre 2023


    TROIS (point) QUATORZE has been acting as ISISPHARMA's outsourced legal advisor since mid-2022 and will continue to do so for 2024

  • 22 décembre 2023


    TROIS (point) QUATORZE has been assisting the LYONBIOPOLE competitiveness cluster with its contractual issues and RGPD compliance since 2013, in particular as external DPO

  • 21 décembre 2023


    TROIS (point) QUATORZE supports GREENBUDDY in the launch of its innovative green tech application: SOPHT

  • 20 décembre 2023


    In 2023, TROIS (point) QUATORZE carried out the SICAME group's RGPD compliance and assumes the role of DPO. A mission renewed for 2024!

  • 15 décembre 2023


    TROIS (point) QUATORZE has been supporting SWIKLY since its creation in 2016 on the compliance of its application with regulations and its contractual documentation with users.

  • 10 décembre 2023


    TROIS (point) QUATORZE has been KOALA INTERACTIVE's DPO since January 1, 2023 !

  • 30 novembre 2023


    Since January 1, 2023, TROIS (point) QUATORZE has been managing AGAMY's brand portfolio and advising it on contracts with its partners

  • 15 novembre 2023

    la rosee

    TROIS (point) QUATORZE is assisting LA ROSÉE COSMÉTIQUES with the implementation of its model contracts with its subcontractors and façonniers, and with its compliance with the RGPD.

  • 30 octobre 2023


    TROIS (point) QUATORZE law firm is assisting GRYZZLY for the update of its contractual documentation with its suppliers and distributors.

  • 20 octobre 2023


     TROIS (point) QUATORZE law firm is assisting MIYOSHI EUROPE for the update of its contractual documentation with its suppliers and distributors.

  • 21 septembre 2023


    Back to school in September: what's new!

    Summer is a good time for reflection: you're more available, more open to new ideas, your mental workload is lighter... In short, we've come back from vacation with the idea of a new offer aimed at executives and senior managers in our network of customers and prospects: assistance with your personal real estate transactions for the sale or purchase of property intended for residential or rental purposes. To find out more, click here:

    You can also entrust us with a specific search by contacting us via the dedicated email address :

  • 15 mars 2022


    TROIS (point) QUATORZE negotiated TREEGRAM's multi-year contract with Bouygues Immobilier.

  • 18 mars 2022

    solware group

    Following the CNIL inspection carried out at SOLWARE GROUP, no sanctions were imposed. RGPD compliance was carried out by Cabinet TROIS (point) QUATORZE, which is also the group's outsourced DPO.

  • 18 mars 2023


    For several years now, TROIS (point) QUATORZE has been assisting ACTIVATION in contract negotiations with its largest customers

  • 1er mars 2022

    deeplink medical

    TROIS POINT QUATORZE is assisting DEEPLINK MEDICAL with the RGPD and regulatory aspects of its e-health business.

  • 15 février 2022


    TROIS POINT QUATORZE is assisting VETOPHAGE with the implementation of its employee invention remuneration policy, its IT charter and a process for securing its information assets.

  • 1er janvier 2022


    TROIS (point) QUATORZE supported COSMO TECH throughout 2021, in its contractual negotiations for the operation of its digital twins platform, with NEXANS, MICROSOFT and RTE, among others. The partnership in "outsourced legal management" format is renewed for the 8th year.

  • 31 juillet 2020


    The fast-growing start-up LOOP is supported by TROIS (point) QUATORZE in the defense of its trademarks.

  • 1er janvier 2022


    In 2022, TROIS (point) QUATORZE will once again be assisting the AGUETTANT group in the negotiation of its pharmaceutical file purchasing and strategic files.

  • 15 décembre 2021


    TROIS (point) QUATORZE assisted Easypicky with its contract with Danone Groupe and Bonduelle, concerning its innovative solution based on artificial intelligence, enabling supermarket brands to carry out shelf and field surveys in the blink of an eye.

  • 15 décembre 2021


    TROIS (point) QUATORZE is helping LOGICAL PICTURES and CASCADE 8 to finalize their terms and conditions of use for their platforms, which are revolutionizing the production and sale of content rights.

  • 1er décembre 2021


    TROIS (point) QUATORZE helps NOTILO PLUS, manufacturer of underwater drones, to manage its contracts.

  • 15 novembre 2021


    TROIS (point) QUATORZE has assisted several startups with the contractual structuring related to their business and RGPD compliance, over the last few months, including CEERCLE, ASKAFOX, EGITEKO, KIMAYO, ROAD B SCORE, SUPERCONNECT, ...